What and who is Vegan Vendredi?


Hey, I’m Mia. I am 19 years old and have been vegan for about 2 years now. It hasn’t always been easy, but thanks to the help and support of my family (especially my mum who helps me with the shopping/cooking) it has been possible.

I started following a vegan or “plant-based” diet when I returned to Switzerland from my exchange year in Germany. Unfortunately, due to a difficult start, I gained 20kg in weight and my already acne prone skin went mad. (luckily after the first few months and a few changes I had an amazing time. I met some wonderful people and it was one of the best experiences of my life).

The reason behind this life-changing decision was my health but more specifically my skin. Ever since the age of 11, I have struggled with acne but since I have become vegan and have watched what I eat, my skin has significantly improved. (it is not perfect but it is pretty close). I have also learnt that being vegan can help with environmental issues, (I will at some point share my views on this). If everyone ate a vegan diet one day a week it could really help our planet.


Hi, My name is Lindsey and I am Mia’s mum. I am not vegan, I eat meat & fish but I support Mia 100% with Vegan Vendredi. I must confess before Mia went vegan I often thought that vegan food wasn’t very interesting and wondered where vegans got their protein from (I was a little obsessed with protein tbh) Mia has opened my eyes to vegan cooking and although I don’t know if I would go 100% vegan I really enjoy eating what Mia cooks. She makes fantastic meals and really puts a lot of thought and love into her cooking.  In our home, we make Friday (vendredi in French) our family vegan day.