A positive look at life

“May this year be better than the last”

This is a sentence I have been throwing around a lot lately. I hadn’t really thought about how negative it sounds until my mum pointed it out to me.
With the new year everyone asks you what your new year’s resolutions are and sadly my answer was  “As long as it is better than this one I don’t mind”
After a lot of reflection on why I would say something so negative, I noticed that I was just focusing on the few bad things that happened this past year and not the thousands of good things that had happened.

We were lucky enough to go to Florida for Christmas and the New Year but on our flight home we got caught up in the New York “Bomb Cyclone” our flight was cancelled and we were forced to stay in New York. We were tired and just wanted to go home. We were thrown into chaos at the airport, lots of angry people, lots of scared people, cases everywhere, people looking to find new flights, hotels for the night etc. However, we met some really lovely, kind, funny people who we instantly bonded with. After accepting we had no option but to stay we checked into a nice hotel in Manhattan, and decided to look on the brighter side, 3 days with our family together in NY.. BABY!! 🙂 It is -12 degrees, and we only have our shorts from Florida but deciding to be positive has definitely been the best thing to do. It has been great!!  video  &  NY Times article 

So with this in my mind, my new years resolution is going to be to focus on all the wonderful, good things in my life, being healthy, being able to travel, being surrounded by people I love and who love me and even the simple things like just being able to wake up in a nice warm, safe home.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all change at least 1 thing for the better? Let’s try and help someone in need, recycle just a little more, eat just a little healthier every day, 1 day at a time, if we all do 1 good thing together it will be huge!

Happy New Year, lets all try and make it a positive one.





One thought on “A positive look at life

  1. This is such a great message! The new year brings new possibilities and being positive is a great way to start. Congratulations on your new venture. The site looks brilliant and I’m looking forward to getting lots of recipe inspiration from you guys. HNY! Clare


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